My Phone Account discount applied incorrectly.

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My Phone Account discount applied incorrectly.

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Hello Vodafone

My account number is (removed)


I am really upset with my latest update with my home line account bill. Previously in March, I knew my 12 months terms on my home account expired on 20 April 2017, I rang your Vodafone Retention team at the end of March and asked your department whether I can keep my pricing that I have as per my March statement. (I haven't disclose the amount on the forum)


At the end of March, I have spoken to your Retention team member called Haroon and he said yes it is certainly possible that I will have the price that i have been paying, and Horoon also offered me $300 credit as well because I am signing up for another 12 months. I said to Horoon are you sure? And he confirmed me yes to me that is correct, so I said to him that Sweet Thank you very much Vodafone. I was so happy after the conversation and I can’t believe this is the best deal that Vodafone can offer this for me and for my family account too.


While the $300 credit being taken off every month, I haven’t been checking my statement actively until May. I have discovered some error on the charges and I called your Vodafone call centre to direct me to the Vodafone retention team. This time I have spoken to Brendon at the Vodafone retention team. I have asked him how come I didn’t get the charges that I supposed to get, he then bounced back to me is because my discount offer cannot be conjunction with any other offer, but then he spoken to his manager at the time, he promised me that he will honour and adjust the pricing that we previously agreed in March. After 2 days, I have been checking on the Vodafone apps and I didn’t see the adjustment being made, so I just spoken to the rep on your call centre and she is happy to apply the discount for me again and refund me the differences straight away. so i don't really have to paid anything in May as i still on credit.


In June statement that I have received today, I was hoping the discount and the pricing is fixed, the moment I see the statement, the pricing was not correct and this time, as per statement, my broadband package is 110.00, rather than $94.99 ($120.00-$16.00). so the package without credit is this month $104.94. So I immediately rang your call centre and let her know the pricing is incorrect applied.  Yet again she is happy to apply the $16 credit on this statement. I have also being assured by the call centre, her name is called Main, and the Tier 2 account team will be contact me in 24 hours?


Please Vodafone, I know that you have provide me and my family an exclusive pricing package, but can you please ensure the proper discount is apply on it, so that I don’t need to ring you every month saying the charges is incorrect.


I haven't disclosure the amount on this forum, but if you look back on my March statement, this is the pricing that i have been paying before the wrong amount.


Could some one please contact me directly and hopefully this can be fix, so that for the next 10 months i won't be having this kind of problem again...


Thank you very much Vodafone


Kind Regards


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Re: My Phone Account discount applied incorrectly.

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thanks Vodafone, according to the call centre staff it is now fixed! so hopefully in July there will be no issues!!!

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