Lost $80 credit

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Lost $80 credit

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On Saturday morning I got a text saying my mobile account balance was under $5 so I topped up. Then I checked back and found that I had topped up with $100 on 18 April. My plan renewed for $19, so I should have had plenty to cover the renewal on 19 May. I went into Vodafone in Queensgate, Lower Hutt to try to find out where the missing $80 had gone. We looked at my account and found that there were some strange transactions on my account. Some texts to one of my friends were costing me $15 each!  The Vodafone person agreed that something odd was going on and said she would need to look into it and get back to me - by Monday at the latest. I really want to know what is going on and make sure I get my credit back. I also want to be able to text this friend without it costing me $15! 

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Re: Lost $80 credit

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very strange. Can you PM me your number and I'll follow up on this.

- Sam

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