Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Global Roaming - $5 a day

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I am going to Australia and will be using the $5 per day roaming charge.  Is there any charge for incoming calls sent from NZ, received while overseass - there used to be a $1 per minute charge.

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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Hi @martin2


Incoming Calls and SMS are included in $5 Daily Roaming.


"When do i get charged?"


If you're on an eligible plan, the Daily Roaming rates ($5 a day per device) apply from the time you first use your phone in an eligible country to:

  • Use mobile data (including email and any data used by apps on your phone i.e. when you turn your phone on, on arrival)
  • Send a TXT
  • Make a call (including voicemail)
  • Answer a call
  • Messages to voicemail (if customer is unable to answer a call)




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