Flexi prepay carry over data

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Flexi prepay carry over data

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My husband's Flexi prepay account is due tomorrow, so he had topped up $ and increased his data from 2G to 3G. He was expecting the carryover data to be carried over. But he ended up with no carry over data at all. He was still using the carry over data from May and still had 2G left from June. Now because we are travelling, so he thought if he increase the data, he'll get the carry over data of 3G + 2G from this month.
He called the customer service, trying to explain to the customer service person, but the customer service person had hung up on him over the phone because he was trying to explain to her about what had just happened. Though his English is not perfect, but he was understandable. I called back again enquiring about the same thing, the next customer service said that if changed new plan, carry over data does not work, because it is a new plan. So now we are ended up with only 2.5G instead of 5G and paying $6 more then what we were paying before.
So I asked if she could refund the $30 and we will just have the application renew tomorrow. She said she is not authorised to do that, but she's able to compensate by offering us 1G extra into my husband's account.
I asked if she could let us know who the person was speaking to us before her, she said she couldn't see it in the record because the persons didn't log in any activities before hanging up on us.
all I wanted is my carry over data. Because when we finish our travel by end of this week, he will change back to previous plan, and that means, he will loose his carry over data again.
Can't i just get a refund of the $30 and let me stay at the same plan that I was using before?
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Re: Flexi prepay carry over data

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Thanks @4rchitect for your post and welcome to the Vodafone Community.


Sorry for the confusion and experience you had when you speak to our team, but reckon there's a bit of a misunderstanding there about the plan renewal. You can indeed change your My Flex plan's entitlements, dial it up and down, without the plan getting cancelled in the process.


You get 2 options while changing the plan, whether to "Buy Now" to start the changes to your plan immediately which effectively cancels the previous plan that you had along with the carryover, or select ‘Save changes’ to have the changes to your plan start after your next plan renewal which will keep your carryover with no issues on the plan renewal.


So on the next plan change when you want to downgrade it, make sure to choose "Save Changes", and it will downgrade your plan accordingly on the next plan renewal date.


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