Debt Collection - Urgent Help

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Debt Collection - Urgent Help

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My partner recieved a letter from Debtworks recovery agency demanding payment for approximately $2,000. 


He is currently not with Vodafone for mobile, nor broadband (and hasn't in recent memory). A previous account with Vodafone was under a prepay plan only.   He has used Orcon as an ISP at home in the same property for the last 5 years. 


We are hoping this is a gross error on Vodafone's or the debt collector's part. This is the first he has heard of it and it is demanding this payment within 5 days. The nature of the letter/ demand surely warrants comment to the Commerce Commision and could have implications for Vodafone under the FTA. 


Please contact me urgently/ provide assistance so this can be resolved as it is very distressing. 





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Re: Debt Collection - Urgent Help

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This is a public forum.


You're best to contact Debtworks, they can provide the invoices relating to the debt. If you still think this is incorrect. You can challenge it from there. 


Debtworks contact number is 09 834 0153

- Sam

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