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I had set up an auto top up on my mobile phone account to top up when the account dropped below $5.  My problem was that the account only dropped to $14 so it could not renew my $16 plan for the month but it also did not auto top up.  So my phone switched to casual rates. and the auto top up never kicked in. As a result, I lost all my carry over minutes and data from last month. Why is the auto top up trigger set at $5? Surely it should ensure that I always have enough money in my account to pay for my plan (whatever that amount is). Is there anything I can do to fix this?  

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Re: Confused

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Hi @StephenDay,


Not much can be done to be honest, if you choose the auto top up opton when it reaches $5, it will only do so when your balance reaches $5, otherwise you can do a manual top up at anytime.


We currently have 3 options for the auto top up, whether to top up your account when your balance reaches $5 or less, or to TXT you when your balance reaches $5 or less and you can reply yes and we’ll top you up from your credit or debit card, and the monthly auto top up option where you decide which day of the month and your chosen amount and we'll automatically top you up from your credit or debit card.


For more details have a look here:


Nonetheless will pass your feedback through to the mobile team to consider it for future upgrades to the auto top up feature.


Kind Regards


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