Beyond Pissed Off - Again

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Beyond Pissed Off - Again

by tcabral09 Starter Poster
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So I just had an amazingly rude conversation with one of your call centre staff...I'm guessing in the Phillipines....

It was just ridiculous...


- He spoke over me

- blamed me for not being educated about my plan (his words)

- in the end he just hung up on me without asking me if there was anything else I needed


Is this really the level of customer service you guys employ? Because it is really bad....even if I wanted to stay loyal to Vodafone this has tipped the odds in favour of other service providers. As a customer the last thing I want to hear is how I am not "educated" enough.


Please sort your customer service issues out Vodafone because this is unacceptable. 

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Re: Beyond Pissed Off - Again

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Hey thats not right at all, can you private message me your number (if thats the number you called from) and the approximate date/time you called so we can try to track the call down?

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