Auto top up ?

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Auto top up ?

by SimonDemler New Poster
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previously I was using auto top up to pay my bill and I've changed my prepaid plan and I can't find where to adjust it. Can you help please?

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Re: Auto top up ?

by JoBowers Starter Poster
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I have just discovered that they have REMOVED the auto top-up option.  So you have to MANUALLY top up your account each month.


WTF????  WHY????


Maybe they want us to lose all the carry over minutes and data we have.  


In a weird phone call with Vodafone, they claim they did market research and found it wasn't working for lot's of people.  Then mentioned that it was working for a lot of people.  HUH?


Come on Vodafone - what are you doing?

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Re: Auto top up ?

by Community Manager Community Manager
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As replied to on other thread, only the monthly option has gone. The auto and txt options are still available.

Re how and where, should be no change if you have swapped Prepay plans.

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