2 G Sim GPRS

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2 G Sim GPRS

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I have a remote device that utlises a 2G sim and GPRS to send alerts via SMS. I went to replace it yesterday only to be told that they (shop) no longer had 2G sim cards as the 2G newtwork was closing. I now read the 2G service will phase out voice but other services  will remain for some time. Assuming this is correct where can I source a suitable sim?

Thanks Paul

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Re: 2 G Sim GPRS

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You don't need a dedicated sim for 2G/GPRS at all. Maybe there was some confustion and that they thought referring to a specialised data telemetry plan?

Any sim card currently in stores there can connect to 2G, 3G, 4G


I believe what you've likely read was in regards to a news article a couple of years back


And there has been no accouncement regarding the shut down of the 2G network. It certainly will go one day but until the 'official' release comes from Vodafone which no doubt will make the news there's no date.



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