top up by recharge

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top up by recharge

by RhondaMohamed New Poster
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I've been trying to top up my mobile using recharge number through text to 887 but it doesn't go through. I've been having this problem since I've changed to a smart phone
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Re: top up by recharge

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi there Rhonda, it's possible that your "Messenger" settings on yuor phone are set up to send these txts as "MMS" instead of "SMS" which if you have mobile data turned off, they won't send. What I'd suggest would be turning off the settings in your messenger options of "convert to MMS"(or something along those lines) off. Otherwise, can you send messages to anyone else? Might also pay to try deleting the "thread" of conversation where you've tried to submit the recharge number and opening a "new message" and trying to send it again. Let us know if that doesn't work and we'll do our best to help Smiley Happy 

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