Txt msg on my phone ent by VF

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Txt msg on my phone ent by VF

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I am on pre pay with VF. (2 phones on pre-pay and Broadband (RBI).

I received the following msg from VF couple of days ago.

What does it mean?


"Good news! During a recent Plan Check, we noticed you had a credit limit on your Vodafone mobile account. Because of your good payment history, we're removing it next week so you're free to use your plan however you like. Don't want it removed? Just reply NO to this TXT by 13 AUGUST and we'll keep it on."



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Re: Txt msg on my phone ent by VF

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Hey @Wheelspanner,


This should be for your RBI account, and that would be our Credit Review team checking your account and realising you have a credit limit there (which is usually just mandatory the first 6 months of your plan's term and then would be remove dautomatically), and so they were checking with you if you wanted to keep it or not as it would be removed soon.


When you started your plan, a credit limit of a certain amount would have been been applied to your account. Once your bill charges hit this amount, your ability to use your connection for calls/data (and so incur more charges) is restricted, until you get your bill balance under that threshold.


More details about credit limits here:



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