Standard Home Rate?

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Standard Home Rate?

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I am on the Red Essentials Open Term plan for $69 per month. Free calls and text to anyphone in NZ and Aus.


I was just reviewing my roaming charges as I travel quite a bit and it tells me the various costs are my Standard Home Rate for Australia and my Standard Home Rate plus a few dollars for various other locations. I realise it is probably staring me in the face, but I have done a search of the site and looked at both the pages below and I can not find a list that says what my standard home rate is.


Can you point me to the location of the table that lists or states the standrd home rate please. Thank you.



Added 10.52am PS Sorry i should have said I did click the button that says login to see rate but I cant see anything listing a home rate n my account either.

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Re: Standard Home Rate?

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Hi @crosis 


Log into My Account on the main Vodafone NZ site and click on ' My plans and services ' then ' Using my mobile overseas '


Take note that your plan bundles are only valid when you are in New Zealand and not when roaming



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Re: Standard Home Rate?

by Contributor crosis Contributor
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Thanks for that John.


Interesting comparison. I primarily swapped to Vodafone because of reliability overseas. I travel a lot and I was finding in China, Vietnam and other parts of Asia companions on Vodafone connected immediately on landing, while my former telecom phone took up to 2 days. As I was heading to places like Paksitan where my phone was a major security feature I could not take the risk of continued down time as I changed locations. At that time the costs were very similar and the connection speed alone was worth the change.


However Telecom are trying to get all phones in my company back onto one plan and mine is the one holding things up. Even though they now offer $10 a day fair use data plan, are 93c per minute cheaper when calling from China and Vietnam and are offering 90 minutes of free caling to Australia per month, offsetting this they are still $10 a month more than VF and on my Red Open plan I get unlimited calls to Australia.


 So weighing up all the options I still find Vodafone very reliable and I can see no reason to change. I would love Vodafone to add 20-40% extra megabytes to its overseas data bundles to be more competitive, or look at fair use too, but data alone is not sufficient for me to change.


So in summary bad luck Vodafone you are going to have to put up with my postings for a little bit longer yet . Thanks for all the great service and support, it is another key reason for staying too.

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