Prepay carryover with automatic topups

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Prepay carryover with automatic topups

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I am on prepay $19 carry over plan. If I have automatic top up of my credit when my credit gets to $5, what happens if my account only has $7 in it at prepay time.  Will I lose my carryover minutes and data or will I be covered while my automatic topup gets some more money into my account?

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Re: Prepay carryover with automatic topups

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Hi there, if you don't have enough money in credit, you will lose your carry over minutes, as the plan can't renew. Smiley Happy


One way of getting around this is that you can top up manually once, thenstart your auto topup up off set from the date when your plan rolls over. Allow for the fact that your $19 carry over is only 30 days, but your auto top up is monthly.  


Hope this helps.

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Re: Prepay carryover with automatic topups

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Hi Vodafone


You really need a different or improved mechanism to auto top-up prepaid accounts.


In order not to loose the carry-over minutes and data, the account has to have sufficient funds.

1. The monthly auto top-up gets out of sync because of the 31-day months, eventually resulting in a renewal before top-up has happened.

2. The auto top-up when balance is below $5 is pointless for prepay carry-over plans, because they can never renew. If the balance is below the $19, they won't top-up, nor can the plan renew.


For 1, why can't one choose the cycle and start date?

For 2, why can't one choose the balance at which the top-up happens?

Or, please add an option to automatically top-up before the renewal day






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