Personal tracking device query

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Personal tracking device query

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My father-in-law has alzheimers and we are investigating personal tracking devices for when he goes wandering off.


This is one of the units we are looking at:


It appears to work by regularly sending its location coordinates via SMS. 

Could this device be used on the Vodafone network?  And what sort of (preferably cheap Smiley Happy ) prepay plan would we need please.





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Re: Personal tracking device query

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Hi @floydbloke,


I've had a quick look at the specs on that device - It should work with Vodafone NZ but it isn't built for Vodafone so no gaurantees. 


In terms of a prepay plan, Pay & Go would be your best choice, as you'll only need the device to send SMS. The rate for a standard SMS on Pay & Go is $0.01




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