New to Vodafone mobile?

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New to Vodafone mobile?

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If you're new to Vodafone mobile services - firstly, welcome! But also wanted to let you know that we have a ton of useful content online to help you get set up and make the most of your new services. 


Our Welcome section is a great starting point, where you can find out about managing your plan in My Vodafone, extras such as Calling Features or simply the best way to Top Up your Prepay. Whether it's for your mobile, tablet or mobile broadband.


Already set up and just looking for help with your mobile? Try our Mobile Help section, which covers taking your mobile overseas, setting up email and the Internet as well as Device Guides to help you get the most from your mobile.


Take a look and let me know below if there's anything more you would like to see explained in either area.





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Re: New to Vodafone mobile?

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I bought a Doro Liberti 830 thru' the SuperGoldCard discount last year & is worikng very well thank you. Trouble is a message saying " essential updates are ready to be installed & Dor will be collecting information from my phone shortly. It won't affect anything in your phone etc,,,etc,,Then it asks Now or later? When I click Now it starts uploading the material makes some noise and keeps like that for a while. The nexst day it starts the same thing again. When I click Later, it says it will remind me about an hour later and it does. So I have to click NOW all the time to get it out of the way. But the same message keeps coming every few days and I wonder how much information my phone has to offer Doro for them to collect information this offen? 


Can you please look into this and stop it because its waking me up in the dead of night every week?


Thank you Et Eves - New Lynn - Auckland

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Re: New to Vodafone mobile?

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Please am new to vodafone new zealand and my nuber is *removed mobile number*. I was having $6 and topup with $40 making $46. I then decided to purchase the Prepay 9 plan. after subscribing to the Prepay $9 plan my balance reduced to $28.32 instead of $37. Please what could have accounted for this. Any help?

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