New to NZ, looking for service

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New to NZ, looking for service

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Hi guys,


Hoping you can point me in the right direction with this one. My cousin is coming to Auckland next month from the UK for up to 12 months (the whole living / working in a new country adventure) and I'd like to buy him service so he's up and running from the moment his feet touch the ground on Dec 16th.


So what looks like the best option to start him off on (and what I am looking to buy) is...


The NZ Travel Sim for $99 with 8GB of data, unlimied minutes and texts to NZ numbers (great for job searching) and 200 minutes / texts to back home (the UK is included).


So my first question is, is there a better option? This option looked good to me as the allowances last for 60 days meaning he's got two months to decide what next. 


Is it easy to migrate from a Travel Sim package to any of the other options available keeping the same number? I know some countries offer travel sims with a short life span with no option to keep the number after a certain amount of days.


Finally, is there any way of ordering and having the sim delivered to the UK? I wanted to order as a present before he goes so he could give the number out before he leaves.


So long post short, am I on the right path or are there better options I should be looking at? 


Thanks in advance.

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