Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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@splicetrade just turn your phone off or take your Vodafone NZ SIM card out if you don't make any usage you won't be charged for anything.
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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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@splicetrade it's simple don't turn on the phone with the VodafoneNZ SIM card in the handset when overseas, Nothing more to it,


Phone can't roam if it's not powered on and attached to a roaming carrier,


Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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splicetrade wrote:

@johnr How do I have Vodafone turn off roaming? I emaled but replies are often slow. I don't want to rack up the bill b.c someone was slow to act on it. I don't like that it automatically puts me on roaming. I don't want it. I am currently traveling. Thanks. 

Do you find the $5 roaming expensive like I do?

I think it should be $1 a day maybe $2,

If the $5 per day went to starship I'd be cool with the charge.

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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Seriously, you think $5 per day is expensive for global roaming? How much did you pay for your trip overseas?
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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Hi Unhappy1


No sorry, I find $5 a day remarkably good value. Being able to just carry on using my phone as normal anywhere is one of the main reasons I stay with Vodafone and the effect of this feature has been to reduce my phone bills on some trips by hundreds of $. On three different trips in the past year I spend around 30 days in Europe. $150 of $5 days was less than a single phone call helping a client through an issue on a previous trip. And I got to use my data and everything else too.


It is also WAY cheaper than Spark.


The only thing that needs to change is Vodafone NZ need to piggy back off Vodafone Australia.I know its ironic someone with the name Crosis recommends a collective solution, but there you go.


In fact Vodafone (if you are reading), I would happily pay a bit more per day to get countries that Aussi already has and that NZ doesnt.



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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Interesting feedback thanks @crosisI'll pass that on to marketing.



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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Hmm, I find the $5 per day potentially very expensive. For example my wife an I are off on a 9-week trip to Europe. If we each used our phone just once each day, that would be around $600 plus the additional call charges. To me, that is a lot of money on top of our monthly bill.


A question. If I turn my phone on in Greece and there is a text from Vodafone offering me some deal or other, does that cost me $5 plus the cost of the txt? How barmy is that?


So we just leave our phones turned off and carry two useless bricks around (for which I will be paying $19 prepay per month and she will be paying $30 on account per month). Can we not suspend our NZ numbers for the duration of the trip and purchase a local sim ?.


I really would be interested in the answers to these questions.


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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Hi @gr0unded


The concept of daily roaming, is to use your phone like you're at home. This means making calls, txts and data as you would normally, and only incurring a daily fee of $5. Now obviously if you're going on a 9 week trip, it's not going to be cheap, however if you take into consideration previous roaming rates before daily roaming was introduced, you could be paying as much as $5 per minute to make a call, and $10 per MB of data. 


The daily roaming charge is only incurred when you make or receive a call, send a txt, or use data, not when you receive a txt. 


Daily roaming is only available on postpay plans, so you can't get it on prepay. 


If you're wanting to suspend your numbers, the prepay one is as simple as not topping up so your plan doesn't renew while you're away, and the postpay one, you just need to call Customer Care, and they can suspend it for up to 3 months. 

- Sam

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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

by Contributor gr0unded Contributor
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Thank you Sam for such a speedy and considered reply. I think we may seek to have my wife's number suspended for the duration. However, whilst I have no wish to challenge your knowledge, the Vodafone website does appear to suggest that Pre-Pay Roaming is available in Europe though the charges, $2 per minutes for outgoing and $1 per minute for incoming calls and $10 per Mb for data are sufficiently prohibitive to render it effectively unavailable.


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Re: Global Roaming - $5 a day

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Hi @gr0unded


What @sams is saying is that $5 Daily roaming is only for our On Account customers. So you wouldn't be able to take advantage of this on your Prepay connection.






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