Bad Cell Reception and Customer Service from Vodafone

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Bad Cell Reception and Customer Service from Vodafone

by SonyaReilly New Poster
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I have spent the better part of 4.5 hours on the phone to vodafone today. I have been hung up on accidentially 4x, I have been put on hold and left there for over 30 minutes 2x, I have been bounced from department to department 8x and I'm so frustrated and angry now that it's just really not cool.

I am a mobile/broadband/home line customer. I have recently moved to Taranaki from Auckland and I get no cell reception at my new home.  I understand that I can get a device called Sure Signal Reception but Vodafone is telling me that this is going to cost me a further $200. How is this even possible?? I pay for a service, and have done for many years via Vodafone. It seems to me, that the fault here isn't on MY end, it's THEM not delivering their service. So why is this costing me?

I NEED someone to get in touch with me and sort this out please. It's not good customer service and I just don't know where else to go to be able to talk to someone a) in New Zealand that I can understand and b) that can help me without putting me on hold .. forever.

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Re: Bad Cell Reception and Customer Service from Vodafone

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Hi SonyaReilly,


can you please message me or PM me your vodafone landline/fixed line account details and your contact number and will be in touch.

thank you for your patience. 

Please call the contact centre if urgent as will come off and on during my breaks, lunch, or idle time or my roster day off to help out on the forums

Somethings that i mention on the forum is purely my personal findings through troubleshooting with customers that rang in and doesnt mean it works for them it works for you.


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Re: Bad Cell Reception and Customer Service from Vodafone

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As per our T&C we cannot guarantee services everywhere in the country. You can check our coverage map available on our website for a coverage indication anywhere in NZ

It sounds like Sure Signal is your best option in this situation

I work in the Mobile On Account and Mobile Technical Support team. I volunteer my time on the Community.
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