rbi modem problems and lacking features

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rbi modem problems and lacking features

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i have vodafone provided rbi and i was switched over from vodafone adsl when we moved as the adsl service here was very unreliable.


but i find the vodafone b315s-607 rbi router to be very feature limited and does not even have half the features of my previous adsl modem provided by vodafone..


i have no vpn settings, no dyndns, no time limited access control for connected clients, no sip, no protocol blocking, and many of the features on the router are removed in the vodafone branded unit as many of the fetures are there as on the huawei site of the same model of modem.


I cant change the apn so im stuck behind a cg nat so i cant access my satellite decoder.


The sim in the router is tag allocation locked so I cant replace the router with something better.


i have a robustel r2000 router and I'm currently having to put my my sim from my work phone in it to be able to connect to my vpn and do work related things because i cant do it with with rbi.


Is there plans to release a better router or a firmware update or something to enable more functionality?


Alternativly can i get my rbi moved on to a normal sim so I can use an alternative router?


I also seem to have problems with the unit falling back from 4g and locking in at 3g or 2g and not jumping back with out depowring the unit is there some way to stop this ?







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Re: rbi modem problems and lacking features

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It's not possible to use a RBI connection on a different modem. We're always updating our hardware, so you should see something new soon as we've had the B315s for a while now, however nothing specifically has been confirmed or announced. 


The broadband APN used for RBI and Home Wireless Broadband isn't behind a CGNAT so that won't be causing an issue with your decoder. 


If you don't use a phone service with the RBI (which drops to 2/3G to complete the call) then download the Huawei Hilink app from the app store, connect with your modem, and lock it onto 4G from there. There's an option in that app to lock to a certain network type, where as the regular gateway will just give you a preferred option and fallback to other options if the preferred is unavailable. 

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Re: rbi modem problems and lacking features

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Acknowledging that this an old post, get your RBI SIM swapped to get around being tied to the Huawei B315 router.
Get a blank SIM from a Vodafone shop, phone the RBI support line and give them the number from the new SIM. They'll transfer the RBI service to the new SIM, which you can then use in any LTE router or modem.
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