Vodem K4607-Z compatibility with HG659?

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Vodem K4607-Z compatibility with HG659?

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I wish to use this vodem with this modem/router. Can it be done?

So far I have been unable to achieve a connection.


The firmware of the modem/router has been update to the latest.

I am not aware of a firmware upgrade for the Vodem stick or if this is necessary. Its not in the data device lists either....


The HG659 “sees” the Vodem as a USB device (and there is a solid USB light, and of course placing the Vodem in the side USB port).


The Vodem, shortly after being inserted, usually on two occasions will show the “azure” blue colour confirming data traffic but asking a web browser to load a page results in nothing. Mostly it sits in the slightly darker blue (standby mode?).


This combination is for occasional significant use. Although many might think of emergency back-up for cable/fibre outages, a small but significant market exists for the holiday home user. In combination with Vodafone's very fine offering on mobile broadband of 5GB with 6 months to use (Buy Data 80), this is a great use.


Why not use a pocket you say? I would like the ability to use the LAN connections of the HG659 (yes I know the wireless data speed is faster than the broadband traffic speed).


I guess this post has an easy answer: nope, that Vodem is incomapitble with the HG659. Or, yes that combination does work and here's how to make it work....



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