Very poor mobile network in Westport

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Very poor mobile network in Westport

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Alot of people are complaining about the very poor mobile signal we are getting in Westport due to the reloaction of your vodafone cell tower.  I have made many complaints and have spent HOURS on hold and being transferred around your services to try and get results.  I have taken snap shots of my screen showing 1 (or no bars) and have sent them to your help desk people.  I have been sent a sure signal modem - (which included an invoice - which we better not have to pay given it is YOUR network problem - not ours), and have emailed nearly 2 weeks ago asking what needs to happen with the modem and have not yet had a reply.  This is supposed to fix problems at our business (but what about everyone else)!?  Even the local vodafone rep store acknowledge how bad your signal is!  You are constantly sending me feedback surveys which I rate LOW and still no phone call or email follow up.  I have a contract with you to supply a reliable service - you are not fulfilling your end of the deal.  Would appreciate some feedback at some stage.

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Re: Very poor mobile network in Westport

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Hi @021491878


Straight up covergae is best effort and is also covered in the terms & conditions related to the contract customers sign, Cell Sites are relocated for many reasons and most common is lease ends and land owner does not want to renew lease so the site has to be taken down or taken down and relocated, Calling and complaining is not going to get the site moved to the old location or a new cell site put up over night or a week or even 8 weeks, Coverage is not static and changes beyond a carriers control,


Coverage is coverage and I suspect it would take a new site put up to make a difference and this is alot of planning and looking for a location and the you have the RMA to go thru


If you want improved coverage inside then really the only solution is Sure Signal


Sorry this is just an honest straight to the point answer and wish I could give you better news,



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