Security cameras with B315 RBI modem

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Security cameras with B315 RBI modem

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Hi there,

I've recently tried to set up some Security cameras at a friends house.  They are on RBI broadband with the B315 Modem.


I just need some more info regarding remote conenctions. The DVR has connected to the Samsung website which then gives you the link to connect back to the webcams via a web interface.  But this does not get through.  


I've read a few other threads ( mostly from 2 years ago it seams ) but was wondering if there is still issues with DDNS / no Public IP's given out on mobile connections.

I was sure I had port fowarding setup correctly on the B315 but it still wouldn't login via the web portal or the Samsung iPOLiS app.


ANY suggestions that I could try would be much appreciated.



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