Rural Broadband - switched to GPRS

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Re: Rural Broadband - switched to GPRS

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@Nigel thanks for your input - but what does this mean to me ? If we are updated to 4G in our area will I have to get a new router to continue on our rural broadband plan or could it still operate on 3G? 

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Re: Rural Broadband - switched to GPRS

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Absolutely your current device will operate - older techs 2G and 3G remain. Hopefully performance will be a better in fact as some 3G existing traffic will shift to 4G use. There is another generation of RBI  router that will be coming eventually,  but unsure when it will be here. Once it's released you could certainly look into getting it whether as an outright purchase or part of a re sign offer etc.


In the meantime there are certain high end phones which are able to use 4G on this band, think the latest generation of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's and so on. I'm pretty sure somewhere on this forum somebody has posted a complete list of phones which are on the market.

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