RBI - tower location

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RBI - tower location

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Just trying to figure out where the local RBI tower is located for my place of residence, as the people living on the Napier side of the Mangahururu range (Te Pohue etc, in Hawkes Bay) apparently have coverage. Can't find this on any map, but would like to ascertain so we can work out if possible to use to access better quality internet than we have currently (options currently are dialup, mobile broadband or satellite)

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Re: RBI - tower location

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Hi @rap82,


You can check your RBI coverage here. This will give you an indication on whether the service is available to you or not.


Although you may have coverage. Your local tower may not have been upgraded for RBI services yet.


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Re: RBI - tower location

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Here's something I found on another thread about this:

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If you have a working router, have a sim with some sort of mobile broadband connection and even rig up your own antennae (I am assuming you're qualified to do this kind of install otherwise get a tradesman to do it) etc then by all means go ahead. I've seen custom setups which predate RBI. What we can't so is offer any non outage related support. Nor an actual RBI plan as the sims are locked to work in the Huawei routers only.


An RBI cell site is a normal site in that it's open for any VFNZ cellular traffic - being upgraded simply reflects extra capacity via additional carriers installed and software running. Non upgraded RBI sites in some cases might experience capacity problems which would lead to connectivity issues.


All I want to know, is whether the celltower (of which we are some of the few houses in the area that have reception from it), will be upgraded in the future. The map you forwarded me to, is something I've already looked at many times, and doesn't answer my original question at all. I would like to know which towers are currently broadcasting for RBI, as there is the possibility that we could actually put in an aerial on our property to pick up the signal.

AND, from the post I reposted, it would seem like any VFNZ cell tower could be used.


I'm frankly sick of paying quite a lot to have mobile broadband with VFNZ, which supplies very little data, am trying to confirm what options I have, before I make the call as to whether I go with satellite broadband to get away from what seems like people unwilling to actually answer the questions I've asked.


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Re: RBI - tower location

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@rap82Te Pohue got 4G 700Mhz added today and is now live



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