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I have a email adresss that when I started was associated with a vodem stick. I am finding I am using the vodem stick less and less as using my smart phone which is on account. Iam considering ditching the vodem and tethering through the smart phone. I don't really want to lose the email adress. Can this either be assigned to the smart phone or doesn't it matter as long as I access it regularly?
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I have moved this thread to plans and services of the mobile section, As it's not directly related to mobile broadband

A address can be moved to any active Vodafone mobile number <-- We also have changes coming to the address's

During the move process all emails can be lost,

Systems Engineer at Vodafone NZ

I volunteer my time here on the community helping out, Not an official member of the social media team but I have worked in many parts of the business

** I am out of NZ between on Holiday between 20/4 to 28/4 **
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We will be moving your to a new platform on the 14th of February.

Once on the new platform it will remain open as long as you access it regularly.



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