wireless home phone and internet

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wireless home phone and internet

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Hi. Moved into a new flat and wanting to buy a new phone and sort out internet at the same time.
What phone plans are on offer. I am choosing between buying a phone on a paln, buying a phone straight out, getting broadband at the flat 84A Willis Rd Hamilton, or having extra data on my phone to hotspot when im not at home, or a combination of above.
What would you suggest as the most cost effective option.
I am wanting a phone similar to a Samsung J5, have a $200--$400 straight out spend on a phone. Wanting a broadband or extra data plan of about 8-20gb.
What is your best suggestion.

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Re: wireless home phone and internet

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Hey Jenny, regarding the phone, I'd recommend going into a store to discuss this, and they will be able to also put you on a plan. 


Regarding the broadband at the flat, I'd go with broadband rather than extra data, especially if you're looking to be more cost effective, however, it looks like the max speeds through copper is 5Mbps. Home wireless broadband may be an option if your mobile data runs fast at that address. You can check out plans via:



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