unable to send emails

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unable to send emails

by LisaKircher New Poster
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almost everytime I try and send an email from my clear account it comes up with the following message


5.7.1 You are not authorized to send as  ****


Any ideas how to fix this?  thanks

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Re: unable to send emails

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Are you able to send emails now? Are you using a Vodafone internet connection when you get this error message?







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Re: unable to send emails

by Regular Contributor capcomnz Regular Contributor
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I would say its something to do with Clearnet being down.


I get a similar type of error.

Just tried a email to my wifes work----that went

Tried to another account --failed (stack full ??)


Is there any update on this problem because its putting my work well behond AND getting very annoying and frustrated !

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