re your phone number 09 977 1141

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re your phone number 09 977 1141

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Please stop making calls from this number that you then hang up as I answer - several of these in the last few months.

As it shows up on google search as a 'definitely linked to an IRS scam' suggest you change the phone number anyway.

It's really poor customer service to make your outgoing sales calls look like a scam, trying to 'up sell' and then asking for security details - this on the one time out of 5 that your people actually spoke instead of hanging up when I answered.

I phoned your main line to ask if these were genuine calls, and why do you hang up - 'oh, because you are ringing so many people at one that someone else answers first so we drop your call' was the general gist of the answer.

If those of us on prepay wanted a contract, we'd arrange one.

The information you have 'on file' is wrong - of course I've got unlimited texts on my $19 prepay plan, please don't tell me that I don't.

Adding your phone number to my blocked list

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Re: re your phone number 09 977 1141

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Thanks for your post, I will pass on your feedback to our sales team.


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Re: re your phone number 09 977 1141

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please stop calling me, especially while I am at work it's really annoying

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