Warehouse Visa Account Payment

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Warehouse Visa Account Payment

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    I have been trying since last year to pay my fixed line invoice automatically using my Warehouse Visa card. Vodafone support staff have been realy patient each month when things went wrong. Each month they setup my credit card afresh and each month instead of an automatic payment I got a bill to pay mannually.


    Eventually, I asked Visa on facebook about the issue. They said there was a issue with the Warehouse Visa system, but all other Visa cards would work fine with Vodafone.


      However, Warehouse Visa help desk told me I should not rely on Visa on facebook and that their system had no issues. It was an issue with the Vodafone system.


     They gave me a name at Vodafone who they said was a service delivery manager at Vodafone who could make Vodafones system behave correctly for Warehouse Visa cards until Vodafone corrected their system.


     I called the Vodafone contact centre who initially said there was nobody of that name in Vodafone. Eventually, they found a person with the name given and promised to put us in touch.


     It has been two days since then, but assuming this person does get in touch and resolves the issue; why were the Vodafone support staff unaware of the Vodafone system issue and the resolution? Or if as Visa on face book said it is a problem with Warehouse Visa system why don't your support staff know this instead of blindly setting up my card each month?


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Re: Warehouse Visa Account Payment

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Thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in replying. Could you direct message me your account number and I will look into the issue.

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