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Sam Hensley

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Come on Vodafone...let's hear it for a bit of humanity....this poor guy Sam had his phone stolen while over seas, he rightfully thought his PIN would protect him til he was able to report it stolen, after all what are those annoying PIN'S for!. ANd now you won't waive his nearly $3000 bill that the thieves clocked up....and you won't even let him pay it off not that he should even be paying it. What's wrong with this decision, he is a long time customer of yours. Glad I'm not with Vodafone.

Have  heart  wipe  the thieves bill for him.



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Re: Sam Hensley

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Hi @MarieBooth36,


Ive not looked into the situation you're referring to but can offer some advice should this situation happen to you.


There are two types of PINs. A handset PIN and a SIM PIN

The handset pin will only stop someone accessing the content and apps on a phone whereas the SIM pin will stop the SIM being inserted into another phone and being used on a network.


In this situation it appears as though there may have been no SIM PIN on Sam's phone.


In any situation, overseas or within NZ, customers are required to inform us as soon as possible when a phone is lost or stolen to avoid unwanted usage on their connection

Without informing us that the phone is lost/stolen we cannot do anything.


I hope that provides a better insight into the sitation




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