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Hi, I received a Vodafone from my grand kids for Xmas. Now I am a 70 years old, and have not had a great deal to do with Cell phones.

The gift was one of the cheaper phones, but it"s the thought ,not the cost that matters.

My concern is that when they set the phone up for me, it would not work.

It needed a top up.

Would you not think once the phone was set up ,it would work right away, and then you get your plan and top up plans.

My grand kids were a bit disapointed, as I was.

thanks for reading.

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Re: New account

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Hi there,


Thanks for the feedback.


It depends on the SIM card you get with the phone, you can get a basic one that doesn't have any credit, or you can get ones which come with a prepay plan included for the first month.

- Sam

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Re: New account

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Thanks Sam,

for the info.Maybe if the grand kids knew this when they purchased the phone.

Once again thank you.

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