Life in 2030 from Thomas Frey

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Life in 2030 from Thomas Frey

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Here's a fascinating view on what may be to come from World-renowned futurist Thomas Frey. Have a watch below and share your thoughts...


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Re: Life in 2030 from Thomas Frey

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Very interesting, I think here at Vodafone we are starting to see work styles change as the internets accessability and developing tools mean people dont need to come into the office for 40 hours a week, lots of people do 1 or more days at home which makes sense cutting back on commute times and expense. Makes for much happier and more productive employees.

That said some people still prefer to come into the office and get away from the distractions of home which is fair enough but its great that the flexability now exists and we are on the way to the 2030 Thomas is talking about. :-)

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