Huawei F685

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Huawei F685

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Our set up was:


  • 2 x landline numbers
  • Clients only aware of 1 number
  • When line 1 is busy the system is set that line 2 receives the next call even though the client has called line 1

Our copper wire to the building has been disrupted and we've lost the connection.


As a temporary measure we are using the Huawei F685 to receive the line 1 calls.  We'd be willing to have a second phone but were informed by our Account Manager that the Huawei could not transfer to another phone if it was engaged.  It can only go to an answer service.


Have I been informed correctly?


Can you have two of these phones to allow and engaged line 1 to transfer the next call to line 2?


Advice welcome please.





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