Getting temporary phone service in New Zealand

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Getting temporary phone service in New Zealand

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We will be traveling Oct 5-Nov1 2016 to NZ.  Campervan from Auckland to Christchurch.  We have Iphone 4s and Iphone SE Samsung galaxy5 and Motorola Droid mini. from Verizon.  Will any of these work in NZ?  Is it best to use USA plan which is expensive or what plans are available there if we can use our phones??   What about purchasing a hot spot?  What would you reccomend?


I have looked at purchasing a phone there with one month plans, but would like your opinions.  Thank you

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Re: Getting temporary phone service in New Zealand

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Hey there,

By the sounds of the length of your stay, you would probably benefit most by purchasing one of our travel Sim cards. We have several different options of plans for you to choose from, which our attentive staff will be more than happy to help with.

Travel sim cards invlove Data, International minutes, and International txts. The amount of each will vary depending on which pricing plan you choose.


First things first, I strongly suggest you double check with Verizon (or whoever you bought the phones from) and make sure that all of the phones are unlocked and able to be used on foreign networks.

Otherwise all will be well!

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Re: Getting temporary phone service in New Zealand

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Good answer above - traveller sims are purpose built for this. Can be picked up at the store at the airport


2G G900

3G U900, U2100

4G (used for data only hence the above are the most important) L700, L1800 and L2600

The above are standard across most of the world good old U.S has to be different of course Smiley Wink so if you've roamed say in Europe then you're good here.,


Phones probably compatible but I would get the exact model number as there are different varients to each iphone version and see what frequencies it supports on the apple website or