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Hi I am unable to log on to my email...keeps saying login failed. It is a webmail acount and I had loads of "returned" mail (170) for the last couple of days like someone has got into my account???? Can you tell me whats happening?

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Re: Email

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What is your webmail -, Paradise or Clearnet?





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Re: Email

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Re: Email

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@mahoe sounds like we've restricted your account due to spam. Can you please PM me your email address, DOB & Address and I will take a look Smiley Happy.

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Re: Email

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hi  therwe

just want to if i can get onto my emaik yet as i have been off all day

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Re: Email

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Hi @TrishMcQueen

If your on Clearnet or Paradise there are problems.

The original post above is from 2014 and looks like they had other problems as being on ihug ??


If you are on Clearnet or Paradise then check the Network Status page to keep up to date


I've found a couple of times i've been able to log into Webmail (I'm on Clearnet)


Also there are these links from Vodafone as well

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