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Since last year I have been contacting Vodafone with a issue regarding "lack of communication" to resolve my account.  they are fast to go by what they have in their "notes" but who controls what the consultant writes and what do you know if what theyve wrote is transparent to the discussion had with the customer!!


I am being held account for vodaphones inadequecies to do their job effeciently.  I awaited for the callback, did it happen NO!! oh but the Vodafone consultant wrote they RANG and no response!! Sure I am guilty of not always catching every call but Im very much that person who will call you back!! So do a call back the representative emails them to make contact, oh they text to say they have been trying to call me.. 


YOU know what!! I just dont have the patience, and at the end of this I am paying for it..... what happened to companies that give a "hoot" about people?? Oh thats your right as a customer to Vodafone is to be treated respectfully!! I just want Vodafone to do what they say they were going to do, but they dont!! so i have to take the fall for their screw up!!


I once respected how they treated me as a customer especially since I was new to the whole work life and opened my own account. They need to keep it simple, if they screw up then go back to help moving forward!! who cares how many chances a person/company needs to get better, it will be worth the final product in the end


C'mon Vodafone keep it kiwi "walk the talk" of customer rights!!




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