Complaint about my fiber connection.

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Complaint about my fiber connection.

by fay829 New Poster
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I would like to make a complaint regarding your employee known as Rudie from the sales team. The call that he made to me does not make any sense and he had totally ignored customer's satisfaction. Last week I called up Vodafone asking about the fibre service and they a sales agent called me back to discuss the contract and plans with me. I chose a plan and signed up for the fibre contract and two days ago, the cable was installed. An employee by the name of Rick managed the installation process for me and kept me updated and informed me I would get connected to fiber within 24 hrs.
I asked about the billing and how vodafone is going to charge me for this month since I am switching to a new contract, he informed me that he will get back to me on Monday as he can only check on my account after I got the connection installed and setup. Within 5 minutes of speaking to Rick, a person named Rudie called me without asking any questions instructed that he was going to cancel the fiber order because I wasn’t eligible to enter a new contract. Rudie said this was because I signed up to a 24 month contract previously so if I want to cancel the contract I have to pay a cancellation fee of about $200.
I mentioned to Rudie that no one had ever mentioned this to me and questioned why vodafone sales agents contacted me and proceeded with installation of fibre if this was the case. Last December when I signed up to the 24 months contract I did ask the sales agent about the fiber service and was advised it will be available in Feb 2017 in my area and I would be able to benefit from this, and as I need an internet connection in December I was informed that once fibre became available in my area I could switch over to a fibre contract with no hassle, as it was fibre that I wanted to be connected with. I liked the idea of this so agreed to sign up to a 24 months contract. It was never mentioned that I would be threatened with a cancellation fee by switching to fibre once it became available.
Last week I called vodafone and asked about the fiber service as it was now available to my area, and after speaking with the sales team I switched to a 12 months fiber contract. I double checked with the sales agent if this new contract would be for 12 months, as I was confused thinking it would be 24 months carrying on from the initial contract I was on, they advised it was 12 months and I agreed to sign up to fibre.
The employee called Rudie provided a terrible experience when they contacted me and argued with me saying I was not eligible for fibre and that he would cancel my order. the way he spoke to me was extremely unprofessional and insulting and did not wish to listen to what I had to say. This was making me frustrated and when I requested to talk to a manager he rudely said “That is why I called you, I am the manager”.
I feel like I entered a misleading contract from December regarding the hassle-free switch over to a fiber service once it was available in my area, I would never have agreed to the initial contract had it not been for this. This whole process feels like a scam demanding cancellation fees at this point in the process which is when according to your timeline I should have fibre installed and operating in my home. This is extremely misleading and raises concerns in regards to the Fair Trading Act. Further, I advised Rudie that it was vodafone who allowed me to switch to the new contract without mentioning the cancellation fee.
Vodafone proposed an offer which replaced my initial contract and I have accepted it, which the new 12 month fibre contract and is legally binding. I would like to make a serious complaint against Rudie and would like to talk to his manager if it is possible. Additionally I request that a manager from the customer care team can get back to me on this matter as well.
Two weeks ago I was dealing a cancellation fee case for my friend with your competitor Spark, it was a very smooth and happy experience and everything made so much sense even when my friend had already switched to another telecommunications company. As a loyal customer of vodafone since 2000, I expected the same ease of transition, if I did not expect this I would use another company like Spark who are very helpful and understanding to customer needs, and not treat them poorly and make them feel like they have been scammed and mislead.
The entire process of using your internet service has been a terrible experience. When I first signed up last December the home broadband connection had been delayed for about 20 days for some reason not explained and required a supervisor to sort it out who mentioned I would be charged from the date I started using the service. This was not the case, and I had to contact vodafone again to sort out the billing for that month correctly.
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Re: Complaint about my fiber connection.

by superdts New Poster
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This is very concerning news indeed, I am actually thinking of getting a fibre connection setup with vodafone but i certainly don't want these nasty catches.


What happened in the end?  Did Vodafone make any amendments?  Certainlly this is a direct violation against Fair Trading Act?  By the sound of things Vodafone sales were promising something thats written otherwise somewhere else, certainly if there is any false information given by the sales team, customers shouldn't be punished for it?


Other than that, the billing issue, rude attitude, ridiculously slow turn around...etc. i believe most of us who used Vodafone would have experienced it at one point.

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Re: Complaint about my fiber connection.

by GlennNewman New Poster
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I have been trying since the 27th March to get sense  from some one in the Vodafone organization to connect up fiber landline and sky in our new home it's like pulling teeth. How the hell a business can be run by such an incompatent bunch I will never know. I wish I could get hold a a very senior manager so I could tell him what is going on.

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Re: Complaint about my fiber connection.

by Shell107 Starter Poster
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I agree. Vodafone keep disconnecting my broadband as my neighbour signed up with them and I'm not even with them. Im with another ISP. I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks to be reconnected!
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Re: Complaint about my fiber connection.

by Staff MsChaoticX Staff
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@GlennNewmanand @Shell107


I do apologise for the inconvenience caused by both of your separate issues and I will do what I can to remedy, if both of you could click my name and send me a message with your specific details (Shell I will need to know your neighbours address) and see what I can do.



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