enquiry on the staff's usage of social media

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enquiry on the staff's usage of social media

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To who may concern


I am currently a high school student from Epsom Girls, and I am taking Business. I have some questions about the usage of social media of the staff at work. Could you please spare some time and please answer me some questions?


1. What department do you work in you company?


2.As an on-line service staff, does your company have any limitaton on your usage of Internet? Can you visit any sites as you like while working? If the company do have the limitation, what kind of social media can you use and what kind cannot be used? 


3.As an employee, what do you think of the policy about usage of social media of your company? Should it have some change? 


Thank you very much!

kindest regard

Vicky Ge

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Re: enquiry on the staff's usage of social media

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Thanks for your post - did you get some replies? Still need some?

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