Does the left hand know what the right hand is doi

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Does the left hand know what the right hand is doi

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Over the past couple of days I have had the unpleasant experience of trying to relocate my Vodafone services (home phone, fibre, and Vodafone TV)


It would appear that no one there actually communicates across groups or has any idea of what is going on.


Call 1 - No sorry you can't have Fibre at your new address, it's not in a fibre zone.  Me - Really well inside the zone on Northpower Fibres maps.


Call 2 - Opps we got that wrong, yes you can have fibre, but it will be installed at your expense, could be thousands.  A scoping visit will be $150+gst (just to have a look). Me - Hmm doesn't sound right will get back to you


Confirm with Northpower Fibre (who were awesome) house shows on their maps are within the fibre zone, within 200m of road so should be a standard underground install.  They never charge the providers for a scoping visit, Vodafone is wrong.


Call 4 - Arh yes you are right should be a standard install and we don't charge for scoping visits.  Due to time it might take to get fibre installed we will set up an ADSL account that can be upgraded later.  No Vodafone TV, unlikely you will get that even after the fibre is connected.


Call 5 - (Supervisor this time). Me - I am looking for definitive answer on what will occur with my move.  Vodafone - switch you to ADSL, and new phone line (which means new number as different suburb, can only keep number on fibre) no TV, you will have to deal with sky, then cancel that and come back to Vodafone TV when fibre is installed.  Me - can't I do Sky through Vodafone for the interim.  Vodafone - No we can't do short term contract, only min of 12 months and if you switch back a early termination will apply.  


So end result of 5 calls over 3 days is the only thing I am confident of is that the new house is in the fibre zone and should be a standard install and that info came from Northpower Fibre (own the network) who despite not being a retail company have better customer service than Vodafone. 


I am hearing ongoing rumours that Vodafone TV is nolonger going to be offered to new customers, although my above conversations neither confirm or deny that.


All in all dealing with Vodafone has been the most difficult part of selling, buying and moving, the best they can't do is tell me 5-9 days after current occupants of our new house disconnect their service Vodafone can offer us ADSL and don't seem to care about the TV part.  Surely it can't be that hard for Vodafone to offer an alternative TV solution, (temp Sky connection) just like they are offering an ADSL connection as a temporary fix until the fibre goes in


 The TV is one of the main reasons for being with Vodafone, rainfade should not be something we need to deal with


After 20+ years with Vodafone my next contact with them is likely to be to cancel everything we have with them.  They really lack in terms of customer service


Rant over, And no I do not want an offer of better service as a result of this, service is either good or bad and should not be good after you moan about the bad


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Re: Does the left hand know what the right hand is doi

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Hi @Meatc


Sorry to hear about all this. That's really strange, because I've never heard of charges for fibre scoping/install for residential. Moving house shouldn't be this much of a hassle.


You're right, we have discontinued Vodafone TV which could mean an issue getting it again.


We can look at setting up SKY and billing it with your internet, if you're ok with sticking with it after the fibre is installed as it does require a 12 month contract with SKY. To be totally honest, we know Vodafone TV isn't a great product, and most customers tend to prefer the SKY decoder. 


Alternatively, we should be able to arrange keeping your Vodafone TV once you get fibre installed (which hopefully won't be too far away seeing Northpower seem to be pretty onto it.) however that does mean being without TV til then. 


Can you PM me your account details, I'm happy to help if this hasn't already been sorted.

- Sam

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Re: Does the left hand know what the right hand is doi

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Thanks for the reply Sam.  


I can't understand why people prefer sky over Vodafone TV. We have 2 Vodafone decoders and never had a problem.  Access to sky go would have been good but a minor detail really.


I have been dealing with a retention agent and thought 2 weeks ago this had all been sorted, but was told there was no way I could stay on Vodafone to.   


Unfortunately based on calls and emails in the past 2 days I am no longer convinced that this is sorted, but for now will let the retention agent try and get it back on track.  


For the the record I am now sitting at, at least 10 calls and 5 emails not counting the inquiries I have done with Northpower.  



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