What are Solutions?

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What are Solutions?

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Hi everyone


Vodafone Community is a great way to get help and answers to questions. Marking replies as "Solutions" rewards people for answering and helps other people with the same question quickly find an answer!


When you post a question and someone provides a great answer, just click this button next to their answer:

 Problem solved.PNG


That will put a green tick next to your question title and readers can click directly through to the solution.

Solved title.png

  (Question content would be here)

Solved text.png


The solution is marked with a green speech bubble

 Solved answer title.png



Also - Having answers marked as Solutions contribute towards ranks. They're a good thing. Smiley Happy






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Re: What are Solutions?

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Sounds good, look forwards to seeing them!
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Re: What are Solutions?

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I'd like to enquire about how to quit my remind service which charges me 5 NZD. Please reply as soon as possible, thank you.
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