Subscribing to discussions

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Subscribing to discussions

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Hi everyone


Subscribing to content on Vodafone Community is the best way to keep up to date. You will automatically be emailed when new content is posted matching your subscription.


To enable email subscriptions you'll need to

  1. be a Vodafone Community member and signed in
  2. include your email address on your Vodafone Community settings
  3. verify your email address.

> Check your email address status in your Vodafone Community Email Settings.


When you post to Vodafone Community you'll automatically subscribe to that discussion. You can manage your subscriptions in your subscriptions settings.


We now have these buttons on Vodafone Community to make it easy to subscribe or unsubscribe from individual discussions.






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Set Top Box

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I am having a problem with my Sky. I am getting the message "No program info available".


I went onto the website and found a previous question and answer which said to disconnect Top Box for 10 seconds. I tried this solution a couple of times and it didn't work.


What is the " Top box" and where is the connection to the back of the Sky Box? I have tried a couple of things but perhaps I am not powering off correctly.






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