I'm changing jobs

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I'm changing jobs

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Hi everyone


Well, today is my last day in the office with Vodafone NZ as Community Manager! On Tuesday I start a new role with an exciting social media agency in Auckland CBD. I'll still get to chat to people on the internet for a living but for a range of clients instead of only the red team, and across a bunch of industries too, but my geek side will miss all the chats about technology and connectivity here!


I've had quite a journey with Vodafone over the almost six years I've been here. I started in fixed line customer service then moved to the feedback and complaints team, and was part of our social media pilot when it was just me and @ChrisB1 on Twitter and Facebook. We were the first Social Media Advisors in Vodafone NZ, he's now the team leader of the social care team and I moved to be the first Community Manager when we switched from Vodafone Forum running on IP.Board to Vodafone Community running on Lithium.


Throughout all my roles it's really the people I've had the opportunity to work with that has made the difference. You probably know a few of the Vodafone staff on Vodafone Community but there are so many more that are just as dedicated to doing the best possible for customers. Lots of our staff might not normally interact with customers in their day to day role, our other social channels like Vodafone Community are a perfect opportunity for them to find out what people are saying and even join the conversation themselves.


Of course Vodafone Community is really all about the discussions that happen and the people who join in. It's about people helping each other as we share information we've learned through common interests, and what solutions and tips have worked for us. The conversations here also go on to help many more people every day - lots of people stumble across Vodafone Community from a Google search result and find just the information they were looking for.


@MikeHales will be taking over from me for a little while until decisions are made on what will happen next. Mike will be working with people across the business just like I have to get information from operations and networks etc, and also pass on feedback about what you're saying. There are a few interesting projects underway and I look forward to seeing how they turn out!


It's been a pleasure to work on Vodafone Community, with this team, and with you all. Thank you for being a part of it.



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Re: I'm changing jobs

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Thank you for all your help over the last year or so @Dylan!
Good luck and best wishes for your future endeavours Smiley Tongue

I work in the Mobile On Account and Mobile Technical Support team. I volunteer my time on the Community.
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