Huge Vodafone Community updates!

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Huge Vodafone Community updates!

by Retired Staff Dylan Retired Staff
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Hi everyone


Very exciting news today - our Vodafone Community upgrades are now live. This is a huge piece of work which we've been working towards over the last and especially the last few weeks. What's included? Well, there's...


Most obviously, a whole new look!

  • New style to the whole of Vodafone Community, including a new concise board listing so you can see everything without having to scroll right to the end
  • New avatars - we have two new avatar collections, "Alphabet" (in our current brush stroke style) and "Kiwicentric". These have been designed by the talented Steve Ticharwa in our Digital team, thanks Steve!
  • We're highlighting recent solutions on our front page so you can find useful content more easily, and highlighting recent posts too so you can see what's happening right now.
  • Lots of new features, like being able to add your favourite phones to your profile. Have a fresh look around. Smiley Happy

Profile screenshot.jpg



Facebook integration

We have just launched an app on the Vodafone NZ Facebook page which lets people post a question directly to Vodafone Community. This is a great way of joining lots of people with questions on Facebook with people with answers like our superusers and Ninjas on Vodafone Community. Keep an eye out for this message at the top of new topics:  Facebook icon Posted from Facebook


Mobile site

We now have a mobile site for Vodafone Community, so now you can visit us on your phone without having to zoom and pan.






A huge thank you to Vodafone Australia for very kindly sharing the design and assets of Vodafone Community Australia with us, and the team at Hinterlands for patiently implementing it to suit, and Mike and Ula for helping keep us on track. Smiley Wink Thanks to you all we have a great solution in place much easier and quicker than it would have been otherwise.


So, please take a fresh look around Vodafone Community! Let us know if you have any questions or ideas, please start a new topic in the Ideas & discussion board





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Re: Huge Vodafone Community updates!

by Staff rustycharm Staff
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Loving the new look - well done guys!


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Re: Huge Vodafone Community updates!

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Might want to fix up those JSP tags that are showing up (The Login Wrapper one and the java.util.* import) Smiley Wink

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Re: Huge Vodafone Community updates!

by Retired Staff Dylan Retired Staff
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Thanks @r2b2 - I have a ticket in with our web team to get that sorted. Unfortunately they've had some other work that's been prioritised higher, but hopefully won't be long now..

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Re: Huge Vodafone Community updates!

by gdcpotter New Poster
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Just found the Community this week, and so impressed with this excellent forum. Well done on the upgrading, it looks great.



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