Changes to Vodafone Community

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Changes to Vodafone Community

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Hi everyone


Just wanted to let you know about a few recent and upcoming changes to Vodafone Community.


New dedicated team!   We now have a team of three looking after Vodafone Community. I'm continuing as Community Manager and Lon and Nik have joined me as Community Moderators. We're all part of the larger Social Media team and you might've seen us before on Twitter and Facebook. We'll have more content coming soon so you can get to know us better. Smiley Happy


New content structure.   We've been busy thinking about what works on Vodafone Community and what could be better. We've changed a great deal since the content structure was primarily defined at the start of the old Vodafone Forum and it's time to catch up. The new structure will be going in over the next week, please bear with us while we move content around - I've got a suitably complicated list of steps to have as few disruptions as possible!


General tidy up.   With the changes above we've also got a great opportunity to have a bit of a spring clean, well timed with the season too! We've been reviewing sticky topics, catching up on tagging and will be archiving older content too. Our industry changes very quickly and out of date content can be confusing. We want people to be able to find answers easier.


We've got lots of exciting things coming up soon. Watch this space. Smiley Happy





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Re: Changes to Vodafone Community

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Lon's arranged our likenesses as Southpark characters, they're surprisingly accurate! From left to right Nik, Lon and Dylan.

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Re: Changes to Vodafone Community

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Lovely thank you!
Have a great day!
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