Set up my new free auto forwarding

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Re: Set up my new free auto forwarding

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Hi there, 


Thanks for your message. 

Are you referring to trying to sign-up on Because Gmail has a customer base of over 1 billion active users, you may need to try a few different usernames or pick one of the email usernames that are suggested by Gmail if the one you are trying to register is already taken. 





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Set up my new free auto forwarding

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Hello. I have a problem of mail forwarding from clearnet closing. I set up my new email gmail address for forwarding, But it was incorrect mail address as was already in use. So I need to change registered email address to a new one, which I have tried to do, but advises me that I am already registered!! So what next????

Something that should be or seems to be so easy, is an absolute nightmare for those that are not in the know and the support you give is pretty un-responsive.

Please advise me as soon as possible because someone who has that gmail account will get all my mail. 

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