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We will be in contact with you to offer you options on what to do with your domain - unfortunately I don't when yet.

If you want to drive the process yourself, we can walk you through it. First step will be selecting a new provider, then we give you the UDAI, which enables passing the domain over to your new provider and then your new provider will support you with setup etc.


Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

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Re: Mail Domain

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Hi @Corby


If you own a unique domain for example, and uses it with your Vodafone-hosted email and/or websites services, e.g. and/or you can continue using these services as per usual.


These services are not affected, however we are working on a solution to transition these to a more reliable and efficient hosting platform, while ensuing business continuity for you. 





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Mail Domain

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Hi - My mail domain is hosted by Clearnet. What advice can you offer to move the mail domain and all the users to another provider ?

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