hoax email.. do not reply to this one !!! from Vodafone Webmail Administrator <

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hoax email.. do not reply to this one !!! from Vodafone Webmail Administrator <

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Vodafone Security Alert!

We received a message to terminate your email account ( ) on 20/06/2016, the process has begun by our Vodafone Security Team..
This is a warning or your email will be terminated.


Sign in here to cancel termination request






This is very important notice.


Vodafone 2016 All Rights Reserved







This email and any attachment thereto are confidential and privileged. If you have received it in error, please delete immediately and notify the sender. Do not disclose, copy, circulate or in any way use it. The information contained therein is for the intended address(es) only, if you reply, its at your own risk. Emails are not guaranteed to be secure or error free, the message and any attachment could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, delayed, incomplete or amended. Mail.Inc does not accept liability for any damage caused by this email or its attachment. 


  1. MNC Sky Vision disclaimer: The contents of this e-mail and its attachments, if any, are for the intended recipient(s) only and may contain proprietary, confidential or otherwise private information. If you are not the intended recipient or if you have inadvertently received this email, please note that any use, disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on this e-mail or any attachments here to is prohibited and may be unlawful, and that you should delete this e-mail and its attachments, if any, and duly notify us of the miss delivery by e-mailing the sender. 


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Re: hoax email.. do not reply to this one !!! from Vodafone Webmail Administrator <htttu@hotm

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Well,  My client who is very upset  against like this Hoax original email.    It's six times again since 2016.   Because she doesn't understand or fright against hoax.    She forward to me looked these email. I told her  it's hoax and just delete it.


So, I ask to VODAFONE should fix  "EMAIL FILTER" will automatic STAMP subject or delete the hoax email keep protection Vodafone customers.    Easy find a two or three word "Terminated", "Security" and "Vodafone".

Need fix it as Filter for SPAM & HOAX.  Smiley Mad



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