data limit

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data limit

by KenShugg New Poster
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I am on Clearnet 10Gig Plan With Home Phone & Unlimited National Calls. Is there a Plan on Vodafone Simila with more Data, Say 40Gigs

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Re: data limit

by CaraNegus Starter Poster
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I have Vodafone Discovery Pack (I think that is what it's called) with 40GB broadband, local calls and 5 best mates. Best mates is five national or NZ cell numbers that I can call and talk for up to 2 hours at a time at no extra charge. I think I am paying $79 a month. Hope that helps. On the Vodafone website you can also build packages of what you are looking for and get approx pricing

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Re: data limit

by Contributor clutsy15 Contributor
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How much do you currently pay per month for your 10GB plan?

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