changed to vdsl with out notice

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changed to vdsl with out notice

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can some one from vodafone tell me why i got changed from adsl2+  to vdsl with out notice ?


internet wasnt working about lunch time for about a hour

then it was running again but come up as vdsl when i was on adsl2+


rang vodafone was told that vodafone automatic change people to vdsl if they can get it


had this problem before being changed to vdsl with out notice and it turned out that the neigbours phone lines was connected wrong on the power pole and was fix and i went back to adsl2+

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Re: changed to vdsl with out notice

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Hey Al, 


Thanks for your post! 

We are upgrading all customers that are on ADSL and can get VDSL to VDSL for free. With this upgrade, we have sent out letters to everyone who is eligible for an upgrade. 


If you want, we can double check this and ensure this was done on purpose as opposed to the neighbours being connected to the wrong lines. Send me a private message by clicking onto my username and clicking 'send private message', and include your customer number, and a link to this post. Smiley Happy 





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