broadband deals that no one knows about

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broadband deals that no one knows about

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So Vodafone offer me a deal to upgrade my broadband which would have been $10 cheaper, so I call them back and no one knows what I'm talking about, they're offering me some ridiculous price so I ask to put me through to someone who would know, she's still trying to tell me this other price. I'm thinking just put me through to someone else; in the end I tell her she's hopeless and hang up.  Like come on, it's hard enough trying too get through to the call centre and when you do, you get clueless people.  Why is it that one person offers the deal that no one else knows about??

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Re: broadband deals that no one knows about

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Some teams within our sales group work on different campaigns with specific offers that the rest of the inbound sales team might not be able to offer. 


Did someone call you regarding this offer?

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